History and Organization

The Central Medical Library was founded in 1947 as part of the Medical Faculty in Skopje. In the beginning both the Faculty and the Library were part of the Central Hygiene Dispensary. When the Institutes' building was constructed in 1949, the Central Medical Library was initially located on the first floor and later on the ground floor of the Institutes' building, where it remains today. In 1968 an additional one-story building was constructed in the Institutes' yard. Total floor space of these two locations is 545 sq.m. In 1969, one of the barracks of the students’ campus "Nevena Georgieva-Dunja" was adapted for a Student's Library and Reading Room, occupying a space of 180 sq.m. There the students can study and check out books to prepare for their exams and colloquiums. Storage space for Library materials is insufficient today, although this problem has been partially resolved by an additional 100 sq m of storage space that the Library received in the new Dean's Office of the Medical Faculty in 2003. Administratively, the Library has always been under the supervision of the Dean’s Office of the Medical Faculty and reports directly to the Dean of the Faculty.